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Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill
Jun 10 2014 01:16

Flat die pellet mill is regard as the dominant device for animal breeding in small scale business or homemade use due to its good ability to make qualified pellets. This mill is well suited to make animal feed pellets from any plant materials and also make biomass fuel pellets from softer materials like leaves, grass, or pine needles. Besides the above merits, our flat die pellet mill is characterized by low energy consumption, good efficiency and competitive price. Expert in design and manufacturing pelletizing solution and supply variety of models of flat die pellet mills. You can choose the suitable one from our various models of flat die pellet mills to start your pelletizing business!

Unique features of Electric Portable Feed Pellet Mill
1. Driven by electric motor makes, more energy-saving .
2. The flat die pellet mill is made of wear-resistant material thus having a long service life
3. Changeable pressure not only improves the press power of the roller, but also prolongs the service life.
4. The pelleting process is visible, so you can monitor the pelleting process directly by watching the pelleting chamber.
5. Electric feed flat die pellet mill can process various kinds of solid grain into small feed pellets for animals like chicken, rabbit, pig, etc.