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Instapoppin IsThe Secret Social Media Influencers Use
Feb 5 2023 22:45
So Why Does An Influencer WANT to BUY Followers? The bigger the influencer looks in terms of followers, the bigger the brands who will consider them, and the bigger the potential income from paid deals. So in short… High Follower Counts + Views + Comments = More MoneyThe influencer is not trying to deceive your brand… but is hoping that looking as an authority figure will make organic people searching think their stuff is so good, that they are missing out if they too don’t sign up! It works. Celebrities have been doing it on their social accounts for years.

Nowsite A.I. Marketing
Dec 25 2022 13:13
Most business owners today are opting out of full websites and are going with my Artificial Intelligence Marketing landing/capture pages. Why spend all that money on a 3, 4, or 5 page site wasting all your Marketing budget when You can have everything you need on ONE page. site along with AI Geo Fence marketing? Stop by my site and take a look around, all my contact info is there.

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