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Aug 25 2010 06:47
Join in on one of the oldest, most reliable and most successful MLM businesses on the Internet.Global Domains International, Inc.,or short GDI, is a rock solid comapny, founded in 1999 , that got the exclusive global rights to market all webdomains ending in ".ws", which originally stood for "West Samoa" (same like ".com" is "Commercial" or ".us" is "United States"), but which meanwhile and for easier advertsining purposed has been translated into WebSite.The principle wasn?t new (MLM has a history of more than 100 years*) but it was the first time it was applied on an Internet Business Opportunity since also the Internet itself was still relatively new and in its infancy. And since then there has not been one incident where GDI has NOT fulfilled their obligations to pay their members and to pay them on time! GDI also is listed in ?500Inc.?, a list of the 500 most successful and fastest growing Businesses in the United States and is recognized there amongst the TOP 50! Imagine that... already 11 years on the market and still one of the fastest and strongest growing Business Opportunities! Can?t be that bad then, can it?Read the entire story by clicking hereOr... take just 7 minutes of your precious time and accompany me to our conference room to watch a short presentation of what this is all about and how it works. I'll pick you up and get you there just after you click here*Source:First Class MLM

Get First Class Marketing Education
Aug 25 2010 05:52
Most people give up marketing on the Internet and/or any MLM they are in volved with because they don't know how to poromote nor how to recruit.BTW: People don't "fail"... they just give up, quit, surrenderHere is a community of highly trained, skilled and successful Entrepreneurs that share their knowledge with new Community members and have them carboncopy their methods, tactics and stategies, so they can become successful, too.In addition to this absolute stunning education one receives here, there is also a series of high ticket products and services available to market using the methods learned; products and services that pay commissions in the range of $900 to $10,000 per sale.Interested?Apply for to become a member as we don't/can't work with everybody, for several reasons:if a too broad audience/public would learn about our methods they would become less efficientwe personally care about our new members; so if there are too many this personal care would suffer and so would probably the success of that personwe want to work only with real serious people, people that know what they want and that follow through with it and do what ever ot takes to achieve their gaols. Tirekickers and ney-sayers will stay outSo, this application procedure will sift and sort and leave us with the kind of people we are looking for.Still interested?Then apply by clicking here

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