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I am a vast trader in currencies and Indexes and I would like to introduce to you another source of income which does not require you to work, rather I do the work for you. What's it all about? You can Google forex, read about it, or better still you can Google Babypips.com to really understand what forex is all about.

Example: Its about buying US dollars against British pounds in anticipation of a robust US economy against a not so good British economy.

Forex is the most inviting financial market, providing high potential yield but also involving many risks, especially for beginners, lack of experience and necessary knowledge, incompetent risk management, excessive emotionality and lack of free time to analyze the market result in losses.

What can you do if you have no specific knowledge and absolutely no time for training? The most obvious solution is to place your insolvent funds under the management of an experienced and professional trader.

Though until recently, there were a lot of dangers for an untutored investor. If you placed your capital under management, you had to take on so-called non-trading risks. There was always the potential that managers would fail to fulfill their obligations by failing to make the appropriate profit promised, make your funds insolvent, including the crashing of their investors' funds.

(1) Only you can deposit and withdraw from your forex trading account.

(2) You can only withdraw to the bank account, credit card or any other form of deposit you used from the beginning.

(3) When profit is made, you are going to be the ONLY one to withdraw without any restriction.

(4) Profit can be shared equally between the investor and the trader monthly, quarterly, mid-year or annually.

(5) You have the right to stop the trader from trading whenever you want by withdrawing all of your funds from the account or for a quicker approach by changing the password to the account if he's not performing well.

More features:
* Forex Managed Account based on agreements and regulations accepted by both the Manager and Investors.

* Deposit and withdraw funds from the managed account 24/7.

* Receive statements that include all the trading operations carried out on the account, including deposits, withdrawals.

Open Managed Forex Trading Account to earn between 20% -100% per month depending on market condition

1. Sign up for your Forex account with any of the listed broker FXOpen, FXDD and .

2. Fund your Account

3. Sign my Limited Power of Attorney Agreements (provided by me)

4. We start to trade on your account to earn weekly or monthly profits.

5. You withdraw profits at week/month end; you earn 50% of profit and send 50% of profit to us.

Minimum investment: $2,000, Maximum for now is $25,000. ($5,000 minimum is preferred)

If you need to see trading statement of my past and current performances, Id be glad to email them to you.

My plan is to make us self sufficient and at the same time financially buoyant and independent. My plan is that investor gets 50% of profit from the monthly profit.

Break down:
Plan is: Start with $5,000, Make $200x 20 = $4000, investor takes $1,500, Sends me $1,500, re-invest remaining $1,000.

Second month: we have $6,000 to trade, I make $250 x 20 = $5,000, investor takes $1,800, Sends me $1,800, re-invest the remaining $1,400.

Third month: we have $7,400 to trade, I make $300x 20 = $6,000, investor takes $2,000, Sends me $2,000, re-invest the remaining $2,000.

Fourth month: We have $9,400 to trade, I make an average of $440 x 20 = $8,800, Investor takes $3,000, Sends me $3,000, we re-invest the remaining $2,800 for the next month.

Fifth month: We have $12,200 to trade for the month, daily profit of $650 x 20 days = $13,000, Investor takes $4,500, sends me $4,500, we re-invest $4,000 for the next month.

Six month: We have $16,200, projected daily profit is $960 x 20 = $19,200, investor gets $7,000, sends $7,000 to me and we re-invest $5,200.


If you are interested contact me.

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