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Just Point and Click to Create Power Effects on your web
Sep 18 2009 22:22
Power Effects

NEW: Version 2!


This isn't some animated GIFs, Flash, or Photoshop
Just "point and click" to create your own
animated headlines, subheads, graphics, whatever... on the
fly and get them to catch the instant attention of your website


Stand out from the crowd and get your website and product
noticed in an increasingly cluttered world!


Version 2 has many more features and effects engines!
Popup lightbox windows featuring images, entire web
pages, video, audio, and more!


See how simple it is to create these visual effects and
more in the short video below...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

If you want to create dazzling attention-getting effects on your website—designed to elevate your product above a sea of "me too" offers and lame sales letters—here's something I think you'll want to see.

In a moment I'll show you a short video that demonstrates the power of this tool—and its simplicity in use... but with DRAMATIC results, fueled only by your imagination.

You see, I was looking for a simple way to get my message out there without looking like every other website out there.

I wanted something eye-catching, for sure, but nothing like the flashing banners circa 1996. I wanted something dead simple to use, that would allow me to create multiple effects on the fly in just a few minutes without batting an eye.

The headline above took me less than 10 minutes to make.

Ok, obviously that's just a simple demonstration. The real power comes when you get a good graphic designer and integrate images and text in a remarkable way