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 Welcome to our web site.

Picking the right Identity Theft Risk consulting company can be challenging. You want a company that has experience, industry knowledge, and, of course, innovative ideas.

My company has the background and knowledge to help you or your company succeed. This site will provide in-depth information about my background and describe the different services I offer. I will also include information about me.

Our Vision:

Provide services to all size businesses where Non-Public Information concerns can be addressed, evaluated, protected, and solved.


Specialists who are responsible for finding and solving Non-Public Information concerns for businesses. Stay up to date on all security changes and concerns. Provide counseling, workshops,seminars, and employee benefit programs.


We offer the following services:

*Human Resource Consulting

*Small Business Consulting

*Employee Benefits

*Individual and Family Consulting

*Complimentary Identity Theft Workshops and Seminars for Specialized Audiences.

Featured Products or Services

Identity Theft and You
Aug 8 2007 16:27

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Good information and a Great company
 - pplcheryl63 September 23rd, 2007

Looks like something everyone needs . Keep up the good work .Monty MyWorldPus Team Leader here to help !!!
 - monty49 August 19th, 2007