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Oct 6 2010 14:49
Mandura is the first company ever to implement a compensation plan called the Straight Line Forced Matrix. With this revolutionary plan, once an individual enrolls as a Mandura IBO, any IBO that enrolls after them will fall into their organization, regardless of who personally sponsored the new IBO. At Mandura, we want you to understand where the commissions are going. By knowing this, you will have the best opportunity possible to become successful with this amazing product.  The Mandura compensation plan has been designed to enable the IBO to have more income than expenses. How much? That is completely up to you! Our goal is to do our absolute best to prepare you to be successful. With the Mandura Straight Line Forced Matrix compensation plan, we have designed seven different ways for you to earn income and prosper in this exceptional opportunity. 30 Ways to Receive Income: 1.  Retail Sales QV ( 50% ) Commission For every individual that signs up to purchase MANDURA as a retail customer, you as their enrolling IBO, will receive $20 for two cases, $10 for one case, $5 for two bottles and $2.50 for each bottle. All retail sales count as Qualifying Volume (QV), and there are no limits to the number of retail sales you can make. Also, as an IBO, you can purchase MANDURA at wholesale and personally sell it retail. Qualification In order to be eligible for this commission, your retail customer must purchase MANDURA directly from the official MANDURA website. You will need to track any sales that are not made through the website for your own tax purposes. To receive retail commission, you must be active and enrolled as an IBO in good standing with MANDURA. 2. Group Volume Bonuses GV ( 50%) Commission To further reward our leaders personal efforts, we have created monthly Group Volume Bonuses. There are no limits to the number of IBO?s that you can personally enroll. Please see the charts below for more details. Qualification To receive this commission, you must be active and enrolled as an IBO in good standing with MANDURA. 3. Builder Bonuses BB ($50-$125) Commission For every IBO that enrolls for a 3, 5, 7, or 10 Case Builder Package, we will pay $50, $75, $100, or $125 to the 1st and 2nd Qualified Builders respectively, regardless of depth.  This Bonus will be paid out in this manner for the first month. Any additional months that a Builder Package is purchased it will be paid through the current 8 generation Group Volume Bonus structure.  Please see chart on page 5 for more details.  There are no limits to the number of IBOs you can personally enroll on a Builder Package, and the Builder Bonus is paid for unlimited levels to the first 2 Qualified Builders. Qualification In order to be eligible to receive the Builder Bonuses, you must maintain at least 248 QV. Also, you must be active and enrolled as an IBO in good standing with Mandura?. 4.    Team Volume Bonuses  TV (20%) (20% of Total Company Revenues paid in 20 separate 1% Pools) Commission When you enroll as an IBO with MANDURA?, you will be assigned an IBO number. For example, 90523001 stands for 9=YR 05=Month 23=Day and 001=Order of the Day. MANDURA? is the first company to ever use a revolutionary compensation plan called a Straight Line Forced Matrix. With this compensation plan, every IBO that enrolls with MANDURA? after you will automatically be placed in your organization and count towards your Team Volume (TV), regardless of who personally enrolled the new IBO. For example, when MANDURA? ships 100,000 cases per month, the total revenue would be approximately $10,000,000 per month. Each 1% pool would be worth $100,000 and would be divided by the number of IBOs that have achieved that specific rank. Using this example, if you are qualified as a Sapphire Crown you would share in 9 separate $100,000 pools. Using this same example, if you were qualified as a Grand Imperial Crown, you would share in 15 separate $100,000 pools. Qualification In order to qualify for a specific rank, you must be active and reach the required GV & TV per rank. To receive revenue, you must be active and enrolled as an IBO in good standing with MANDURA?.

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