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Handmade Soaps
Oct 25 2010 12:52

This Vegan Society registered soap is free from animal products and the ingredients are not tested on animals.It is not mass produced it takes 2 days to saponify, then it is cut it into bars,it is then left for another 28 days to dry cure naturally. This energy efficient cold saponification method used retains the naturally released glycerine, producing a wonderfully silky moisturising bar of soap which is kind and gentle to even sensitive skin.
There are no preservatives or artificial colours used, the preference being natural herbs, spices, flowers and natural oils.

All our Soaps are;

SLS Free
Paraben free
Vegan Society registered
BUAV approved
Handmade and traditional
Kind and gentle
Natural silky moisturiser
Natural oils, herbs, spices and flowers
Energy efficient
No artificial colours, preservatives or additives

We are dedicated to our customers satisfaction, making you our main priority. Our customers hold us in high regard for the quality of our products and the fact that they are chemical and preservative free. We ensure that our products are not tested on animals and have an energy efficient production process, so you can be rest assured that you receive nothing but the best products possible.