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LifeVantage is a different kind of company. It’s evident in our people, our products and especially in our science. Our science is our foundation. Our science is one of the things that sets us apart from all the rest.

At LifeVantage, True science is a Priority.

That’s why we’re honored to have world-renowned scientist, discoverer of superoxide dismutase and the father of Free Radical Biology, Dr. Joe McCord, as our Chief Science Officer. Dr. McCord is at the forefront of today’s cutting-edge research and new discoveries related to the groundbreaking new science of Nrf2. Dr. McCord is actively researching, searching for new breakthroughs that can improve health and quality of  life, as well as impact numerous health conditions.

We’re proud of the scientific studies that back our claims. We’re also proud that our scientific studies are peer-reviewed and published. And we’re most proud that the scientific studies that back our claims are independently conducted, meaning that LifeVantage does not control them or pay for them.

We’re gratified our breakthrough Nrf2 Synergizer, Protandim, is so significant that universities around the world continue to initiate and fund their own trials investigating its anti-aging and health-promoting capabilities. Currently, topics under investigation or in planning stages deal with the alleviation of oxidative stress under the following conditions: altitude sickness, skin cancer, photo aging of the skin, renal failure, osteoarthritis, HIV/AIDS-associated lipodystrophy, pulmonary hypertension, periodontal disease, heart disease, coronary artery bypass graft failure, asthma, Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and optic neuropathy.

And we’re pleased to hold four patents on Protandim, making the distribution of Protandim, the most potent commercially available Nrf2 synergizing supplement on the market, an exclusive privilege of our independent distributors.

“The science behind Protandim is different and unique because LifeVantage Corporation doesn’t pay for it. In the world of research, this means that the product and its science must be so compelling that Ph.Ds from universities around the world want to study it and want to spend their own time and money doing it. LifeVantage has a product other people are paying to study! That is unheard of, especially in the supplement industry.”      – Dr. Skip Campbell



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Scientific Studies & Health Benefits Protandim Nrf2 Gene Activator Patents Scientific research has validated oxidative stress—damage to your body’s cells by free radicals—as the root cause, at the cellular level, of aging. In fact, studies show that metabolic wear and tear caused by free radicals in cells accelerates aging, the problems associated with aging and contributes to more than 100 health conditions. But what if there was a way to activate youth at its source? What if you could turn back the clock of your cellular age to that of a 20 year old? You can! Introducing a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Anti-Aging: Protandim. Developed after 40 years of research exclusively for LifeVantage and featured on ABC, NBC, PBS, in “The Wall Street Journal,” and described in CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book, “Chasing Life,” Protandim is the ONLY product clinically-proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40%! Protandim is a patented, anti-aging supplement specially formulated to combat oxidative stress and cell aging in your genes—where your DNA is damaged. Protandim is the only solution to aging and degenerative processes in the body. While traditional food and supplements eliminate one free radical for every one antioxidant molecule consumed, one Protandim a day eliminates free radicals at a rate of one million to one per second every second and reduces your oxidative stress level to that of a 20 year old in just 30 days! 2008 Protandim Clinical (pdf) 2006 Protandim Clinical (pdf) 2009 Louisiana State Peer Reviewed Study ABC Primetime Feature 2009 Independent VCU Heart Study press release (pdf) 2010 DMD Peer Reviewed Study press release (pdf) 2010 Louisiana State Peer-Reviewed Study (pdf) 2011 Ohio State University Peer-Reviewed Study PEER-REVIEWED STUDIES Protandim Logo Protandim Logo Protandim Logo Health Benefits There are many skeptical people who are unsure what to believe when it comes to the health benefits of Protandim. While we clearly have a positive bias towards other supplements, we have presented numerous articles here which are meant to be educational and informative. Please read other articles on pages here to discover the various proven and tested health benefits associated with Protandim Nrf2 Gene Activator! http://apsense.cc/8adc5a