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Join For a Dollar
Aug 6 2011 13:30

I guess we can all agree that our economy isn't that good right now, and they also tell us that there is no end in sight!  Record numbers of people are losing jobs, and businesses are closing their doors.

Yet, strangely enough, some people are buzzing with excitement about the year ahead.  Many believe that there will be a massive growth for people looking for an alternative source of income.

Yes, I would agree, that we could expect to see an increased number of people looking towards building a second income, or maybe even a primary income.

But finding the right program or company is not that easy to do.

I know, I know... at first glance compensation plans looks quite complicated, but really ours is fairly simple to understand once you spend a few moments studying how it's put together.  But, if you feel it's all above you, don't worry... as we will explain it all in detail in the meetings.

By looking at the total picture you will soon learn why we are the company you should give serious thought to. You will also be able to see how we are planning to change the statistics and make successes of many people like yourself.

What you are seeing here is totally unique!  We want you to understand that we are not just talking about a few dollars, but rather a true Cascading Wealth Creation Portfolio. It's taking building wealth to a whole new level!

You only have to complete Phase 1 in each program, to move onto the next program.  Phase 2 and Phase 3 work automatically for you in the background.

You can build your entire Cascading Wealth Creation Portfolio by simply concentrating on building our very easy-to-promote Join4aDollar program.

Receive full explanation on how to Fast Track your income, once you become an upgraded member in Join4aDollar, by buying into one or more of the other programs, before you complete Join4aDollar.

Of-course, it’s a choice, not an obligation.  You can take it as fast, or as slow, as you like.  You can cascade through all the programs just by joining Join4aDollar, completing Phase 1, and receiving a free membership in the following program… and so on.

You don't even have to sponsor if you don’t wish to… but the benefits of sponsoring are clearly seen in the Pay Plan.

In Join4aDollar, your little 3 x 2 matrix is completed by your own referrals, spillover or spillunder.  Once you move over into the 2nd program called The Power of 3, your matrix is completed by your members in Join4aDollar following you over once their little matrix is completed.

The Power of 3, or any of the following programs, will receive extra members from those who are “Fast Tracking” their income and buying forward prior to completing Join4aDollar.