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Jul 30 2015 06:22
you can make by month whatever you want , because itís only depends on your work
how we brig more new people and what is intensive for them , Most people you present the Plan , more people will join your time how bonifa pay monthly are weekly it is bionary are not BONOFA pay daily
itís a binary Plan who pay until 25.000 Euros/ day , according on your package and you qualification
itís an hybrid Plan , Because we have an Unilevel Plan too who pay until the seventh level
to receive your commissions , you can math a withdraw on your bank account ou and can buy a prepaid card of 49 Euros . You can charge your prepaid card until 2500 U$D/day
this company is huge potensial and so many chances to earn and win up 7th level can earn it deponds on you what you want ear are waste opprtunaty my frinds i invite you to check tho BONOFA thank you.