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Oct 3 2010 07:12


Let me tell you about

I promoted it for a very short period of time and have 2 signups

I have put in no money (no one has yet) and filled out a few surveys

I now have a balance of $500 (not USD or even CAD, even better $)

Why are $ better than CAD or USD?

because the company can value them anyway they want, this is good because the math gets very tricky though I'll try to keep it simple.

if my referrals have at least the $50 each and I have $500 (2 x 50 + 500)=600

$600 / 3 customers = 200

Paybox needs to come up with $200 for each of us and this is in addition to things like websites, buildings, employees, advertising.

of course they also have some other issues to work on like being able to accept credit cards, dealing with banks and GOVERNMENT REGULATION.

If you think the government won't be looking at them soon, well think again.

I will not provide my affiliate link as I am not promoting it anymore
if anyone wants a $500 transfer, get in touch with me and tell me how much CAD or USD or Euros you will send me via PayPal or Alertpay and we can do business.
if anyone wants to buy the Brooklyn Bridge, I would sell it but I can't because I'll go to Jail - Sorry


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