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by Kim West-Hipps

What I've discovered as I've journeyed into the Affiliate Marketing World is that you are capable of exploring a "web" of connecting products with other products, services or interests.  With this broad reach, the potential is tremendous but it's easy to get overwhelmed with all of the opportunities and integrating them all together.  But I'm sure a master affiliate would agree that the goal is spreading out then pulling it all back in and then monetizing it effectively.  If you take on more than you can handle, you are spreading yourself to thin and not seizing maximum exposure with your key products and services.  

With that said, I must confess, I've reached that point myself.  I now find myself trying to remember what all I've signed up for.  I need to make a serious list and then write out a game plan in black and white or I'm going to get lost very quickly in the cyber marketing world as an Affiliate. 

I'm going to list here some of the core affiliate programs I plan on initiating and a few minor ones.  I will also update my personal blog regularly letting you know what I'm working the most with at what time and perhaps my review of how it's working for me.  Perhaps you will see something I need a little bit of guidance on.  Well, I am all ears.  

One of the reasons I've chosen to plant a foot here at Apsense as a member is that there is an atmosphere here of sharing and learning.  I hope to learn a lot from all of you and I hope both my mistakes and my victory's will help you when choosing your own affiliate conglomeration and multiple streams of income.

This is a prime time for people to get on board the Affiliate Marketing Wagon, if they do it right. 

Here's a group of affiliates I  have joined with.  Maybe you will start to notice an online business building theme.  Everything that YOU need to do your business online effectively, EVERYONE in the market needs for building their businesses! Why not sign up as a free affiliate to your web service provider, your domain provider, printing company, software company or even your internet provider.  As you blog or have visitors to your site, why not offer them suggestions for tools they can use to build their own business? I think it's fun connecting all the dots.  Now where is my red crayon?!

Kim West-Hipps

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