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Knl, India
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NEW VISION, NEW MISSION, NEW SPARK This time the Annual Function is very special from every prospective. Special preparations are being done for the festival. Several announcement on this occasion would be made, of such preparation that would give information of the new look of RCM. Now RCM would be present before you in many new faces. Now there would be elaboration in the Purpose of RCM. Many such tasks would be added, thinking for which would not be easy for all. There are many beautiful secrets that cannot be revealed now. But who so ever would be a witness for this, he would be very lucky. Now the time has come for the right start of RCM in a new manner. The height achieved by RCM in past 10 years is a great example in front of the whole world. This is an important base for this event. Holding to this strong base, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to establish a new saga of success for this world and a profitable opportunity for a common man to live with. We need to make this event a revolution, even bigger than any other revolution ever held in this world. To make this revolution happen, we need to adopt an unsurpassed method. Keeping in mind our 10 years of vast experience, we need to take forward every single step with precaution. We need to include many such activities which are necessary to execute this event in the best possible manner while completing all its noble and great objectives. All the great soldiers of RCM should be ready to play the bugle of new revolution. All Quality distributor Pin Achievers will join the new revolution and will become a witness of this beautiful sight. Please note that only the Pin Achievers who have fulfilled the condition of Quality Distributors in January would get an entry in the Festival. This program is held on 20th February at RCM World, starting from 10 AM