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The practice of Cosmetic dermatology is bridging the gap between purely medical dermatology and procedures done only for cosmetic improvement, says Dr. Rasya Dixit at Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic - Best Skin Clinic in Bangalore , Koramangala. This area has huge needs and gaps, and in an increasingly visually connected world of social media, everyone wants to bring their A-game face to the table. It is mandatory for every good Cosmetic Dermatologist to be an excellent Clinical Dermatologist. The basis of all beauty in science is understanding the basics of the Medical conditions. This artistic interplay between the science and the cosmetic needs of the patient forms the foundation of this cosmetic dermatology field.

Cosmetic Dermatology is relatively new, and often Dermatologists and patients alike can rush into treatment and technologies without being aware of all the risks or downsides. At Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic, the Best Skin Clinic in Bangalore, Koramangala, we put patient safety first. Our main goal is to understand your requirement, suggest the best solution and plan a treatment to help the client in achieving satisfied results. We use only FDA approved technologies, and follow evidence based guidelines for all the treatments. In a further effort to empower patients, a full written detailed explanation of the treatment protocols and alternative options are given after the consultation, so an informed decision can be made.

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