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Rastelli Direct? is a new opportunity to share the same 5-Star Restaurant Quality foods that they have sold to the world?s finest restaurants, steakhouses and resorts for over 30 years. The company is exploding across the United States giving citizens a healthy selection of steaks, pork, veal, chicken, lamb, seafood and other products. 

Rastelli Direct? is a "Vertically Integrated" company where they own the process from start to finish. Rastelli Direct? owns their own Cattle, Feed Lot, Harvest Facility, Processing Facility and selects only the best for its customers. Oh, did I mention the Processing plant is USDA -Certified (24-7 Inspection). This allows Rastelli Direct? to monitor the quality throughout the entire process. 

Rastelli Direct? also offer a flexible earning opportunity that rewards you just for sharing their products with others.   

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