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Launch DBScar-CA OBD2 Code Reader OBDII Scanner for Android Smart Phone
Sep 29 2013 20:38

Launch DBScar-CA OBD2 Code Reader OBDII Scanner for Android Smart Phone

Language: English & Chinese

Launch DBSCAR code reader You can only download one car model software from Launch official website, and this car model support all system diagnose. If you download "BMW" software, you can not download other software. It has about 70-100 car models for you to choose, you can pick up the one you need. It is suitable for personal car owner to repair your own car easily.

Launch DBSCAR Code Reader suitable for personal car owner who only need repair one car model, or small workshop which repair one car brand. It is affordable and easy to use with your phone.

Launch DBScar-CA OBDII Scanner Product Description:

1. Read DTCs of vehicle entire system and Clear vehicle DTCs
2. Read data stream of vehicle entire system
4. Data instrument, fuel consumption analysis
5. Real-time diagnosis via Bluetooth of cell phones
6. Launch clouds accounting

Launch DBScar-CA OBD2 code reader Specification:

1. Connection:standard OBD2 interface; Micro USB 2.0
2. Typical power consumption:(12V), quiescent current as 25mA, average working current for the whole unit as 45mA;
3. Working temperature:-20~5
4. Storage temperature:-30~70
5. Dimension:L*W*H=48mm*24mm*32mm
6. Weight:26g
7. Working voltage:vehicle battery DC input 9V-15V

Launch DBScar-CA Package including:

1pc x LAUNCH DBS car-CA OBD2 Interface
1pc x Carrying case

Q: What is the difference between SC182 and SC153?
A:SC182 can download any one car type diagnose software, can only download one type.
   SC153 ICARD can do any car type obd system, the problem is the quantity it can test. ICARD can do only the data of obd protocol.


Launch DBScar-CA OBD2 Code Reader OBDII Scanner for Android Smart Phone

Launch DBScar-CA OBD2 Code Reader OBDII Scanner for Android Smart Phone

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