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Launch Pocket Tech Pro For OBDII&EOBD
Sep 29 2013 20:35

Launch Pocket Tech Pro For OBDII&EOBD

Launch Pocket Tech Pro For OBDII&EOBD Description:

Launch Pocket Tech Pro is a new generation of portable device developed by Launch for the car owners who use to read trouble codes and clear trouble codes. Pocket Tech Pro can test all vehicles under OBDII/EOBDII prtocols. Pocket Tech For OBDII&EOBD is smart, portable, and easy to operate with the warning lights design, which mades the product become more intimate. Pocket Tech allows the car owners know of the car situation at any time and anywhere, which is the best choice for the car owners.

Launch Pocket Tech Pro For OBDII&EOBD Function:

Read vehicle trouble codes

Clear vehicle trouble codes

Read freeze frame

MIL status

Readiness test

Read VIN

Language: English Only

Pocket Tech PRO is Makes reading and clearing DTCs fast and easy. This tool not only reads codes but also allows technicians to view "new" permanent codes, pending codes, freeze frame data, I/M Readiness Status, MIL Indicator, and VIN information. OBDII codes and definitions are built-in allowing the technician to perform a quick and easy vehicle diagnosis.

Launch Pocket Tech Pro Feature:

The Pocket Tech PRO makes reading and clearing DTC's FAST & EASY!

But it's NOT ONLY a Code Reader.

OBDII Codes & Definitions Built-In

"New"Permanent Codes

Pending Codes

Freeze Frame Data

I/M Readiness

VIN Identification

MIL Indicator

Featuring: "Code Check"- a 3 color led Light display for instant code notification

Launch Pocket Tech Pro Specification:

Display: LCD with resolution 128*32

Operating temperature: 0  ~ 50

Storage temperature:-20  ~ 70  @ RH 60%

Operating voltage: 8~18V

Outline dimension:46*87*18 mm(L*W*H)

Test main cable: 70CM

Launch Pocket Tech Pro For OBDII&EOBD

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