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the cheapest Launch X431 Master Original Update Via Internet with free shipping
Sep 25 2013 20:30
Launch X431 Master Original Update Via Internet 

Launch X431 Master Update Version: 
Launch X431 IV

Attention: X431 MASTER can not use USA IP to download software and update,but can use other Country's IP without any problem. We can provide software downloading and updating service online. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you have any problems.

Multi-Language Available: English Spanish French Russian Portugese Arabic German Turkish Polish Japanese

Launch X431 Master is a new automotive diagnostic product and designed by Launch with the technology of Open Control Platform for Vehicle’ representing the highest level of automotive diagnostic technology in the world. It has the function of read DTCs, read DataStream, actuation test, sensor waveform display and ECU coding. It’s faster to communicate with cars than X-431 by integrated structure to save time in work. It can test most of cars by using the unique 16 PIN connector which integrates the function of all 16 PIN connectors of X-431. 24V operating voltage capability is added to work with different kinds of batteries. It is easier and more convenient to operate than X-431 based on the smart design.

Launch X431 Master Functions and Features:

1. Inherited with all diagnosis function of X-431

2. Full-range Coverage
Capable of nearly all Asian, European, American vehicles makes.
(Audi, BMW, Benz, VW, Volvo, Opel, Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford, Chrysler…)

3. Full Electronic System
Engine, ABS, SRS, Immobilizer, Body…

4. Test most of cars by using unique & integrated 16 PIN connector

5. Faster communication with cars than X-431 by integrated design to save time in work

6.24V operating voltage capability is added to work with different kinds of batteries

7. Integrated Smart box, Main Unit and Printer into a single unit

8. More convenient to operate than X-431 based on the smart design

9. Printing
Built-in printer for printing testing results Built-in printer for printing testing results

10. Waveform display
Display data stream in waveform

11. Upgrade software anytime and anywhere from internet to keep up with latest models

12. Standard ports
International standard ports

Launch X431 Master Specification:

-Operating system: LINUX
-CPU: 32-bit MPU
-Memory card: 512 M
-Main unit I/O: standard serial/parallel port Main unit I/O: standard serial/parallel port
-Main unit power source: DC 12V/ 24V
-Main unit power: 9W
-Printer: High-speed thermal mini printer
-Printer port: Standard parallel port
-Screen: 240X320 LCD touch screen

Launch X431 Master software list:

Europe car list
• Benz diagnostic software V32.00
• BMW diagnostic software V33.00
• Volkswagen diagnostic software V23.10
• Audi diagnostic software V24.00
• Skoda diagnostic software V23.10
• Seat diagnostic software V23.10
• Volvo diagnostic software V25.00
• Citroen diagnostic software V23.00
• Peugeot diagnostic software V27.00
• Fiat diagnostic software V20.00
• Opel diagnostic software V28.00
• Renault diagnostic software V27.00
• Land rover diagnostic software V25.00
• Porsche diagnostic software V11.25

Japan Car list 

• Toyota diagnostic software V36.00
• Nissan diagnostic software V28.05
• Honda diagnostic software V27.00
• Mitsubishi diagnostic software V23.00
• Mazda diagnostic software V26.00
• Subaru diagnostic software V17.01

Korea car software list
• Daewoo diagnostic softwareV22.00
• Hyundai diagnostic softwareV35.00
• Kia diagnostic software V32.00

America car software list America car software list
• Ford diagnostic software V36.00
• GM diagnostic software V29.00
• Chrysler diagnostic software V17.00

Russia car software list Russia car software list 
•VAZ diagnostic software VAZ diagnostic software V12.05 V12.05
•GAZ diagnostic software GAZ diagnostic software V10.09 V10.09

China car software list and others China car software list and others
• Xinkai diagnostic software V11.01
• Great Wall diagnostic Software V14.00
• EOBDII CAN diagnostic software V12.06
• Smart OBDII diagnostic software V20.08
• Demo Software V11.03

Package List:

1. Main unit

2. Connector
• TOYOTA-17 1pc
• TOYOTA -22 1pc
• HYUNDAI-12+16 1pc
• NISSAN-14+16 1pc
• HONDA-3 1pc
• MAZDA-17 1pc
• KIA-20 1pc
• BENZ-38 1pc
• BMW-20 1pc
• GM/VAZ-12 1pc
• FORD-6+1 1pc
• SMART OBDII-16 1pc
• CHRYSLER-6 1pc
• FIAT-3 1pc
• AUDI-4 1pc
• GAZ-12 1pc
• BMW-16 1pc
• OBDII-16C 1pc
• AUDI-16 K-L Converter 1pc
• DAEWOO-12 1pc
• HONDA-5 1pc
• TOYOTA-16 1pc
• SUBARU-9 1pc
• X-431 CAN BUS II-16 1pc

3. Test Cable Test Cable

4. Software memory card
•CF card CF card 1pc

5. Accessories Accessories
• Clipper fuse 5*20mm 4pcs
• Lighter fuse 6*30mm 2pcs
• X-431 Power supply 1pc
• X-431 Printer paper 1pc
• CF card reader 1pc
• X-431 Main unit user’s manual 1pc
• X-431 Main unit user’s manual(English) 1pc
• Private & confidential 1pc
• Driver CD of CF card reader 1pc
• USB cable 1pc
• User’s manual CD 1pc
• DEMO CD 1pc
• Russia CD 1pc
• X-431 Quick Reference Guide 1pc
• Rustless Steel Wire 1pc

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