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About our Business

Welcome to JohnnyDoesntWork at APSense.

Interesting Name. Great Results.

JDW is about Passive Income where money can be earned without the need to recruit. Like many who market full time online or are trying to create a second income, time becomes a very large factor and often we find ourselves overwhelmed by the needs of our business. Some people are driven by this, others like myself are not. For those that fit into the second category, I have GREAT NEWS. The passive programs we participate in may just be the solution you are looking for to create the income you desire.

Those in the first category I have GREAT NEWS for you as well. Our passive programs do not compete with what you are promoting now. In fact, they would be a welcomed compliment to your current business in many ways.

So it doesn't matter where you are or what you do, our programs present a Win Win situation for everybody.

I invite you to have a look and ask me questions. There are strategies to make these programs work better for you and I have the answers.


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Hello Johnny, We have only know each other a few short weeks on AP Sense, but I've enjoyed our conversations here. I hope to continue the relationship and perhaps do some networking together. Blessings......
 - swordcarrier February 11th, 2012

Johnny has been a great inspiration. Very helpful and full of life. He has been nothing but thoughtful and has shown me how to be a supportive team player with online mlm. If you need help with any online business, Johnny would be a good person to ask. Pierce Meyers
 - pierceopolis January 22nd, 2012