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Why Internet Business?
( This is a free  step by step full guide ,Using this method,may increase your chance & income )


Online Marketing is HUGE . In 2007, the online marketing industry worldwide earn $9.5 billion.
Tens of thousands of peoples make money everyday, and thousands of people have quit their jobs to become full time Internet  entrepreneurs.
It is a good business to get into, because you do not need any experience to start, and you can make good money by market other people's products/services.
Building an Internet business is much easier  compared to trying to build a brick and mortar business out in the real world and  the risks are also lessened.

If you know what you are doing, you can pretty much write your own paycheck and set everything up to run automatically. You don't even have to be working to get paid! Yes, you make money while you sleep.
*You Don't need to Rent an Office Space.
*No Employees : Unlike other businesses that need to maintain employees, online business such as this would not bother with hiring FT or PT  employees.
*No Product Shipping.

Market to the World to achieve High Income Potential ,You can run a global online business & build your huge residual income
( Residual income is the income that is regularly and continuously paid to you even after you have done your work. )

                           ~The Internet never sleeps~

* Making money online is easy only if you know how to work, what actions you should do, what are the basics etc.
* Making money on the Internet is about creating value and exchanging that value for money via sales and marketing.
* Making money online is possible only if you spend your valuable time to learn, to work, to brainstorm, to take action.

Six Steps to Starting Your Own Online Business Center


Step 1 :

Create at least 6 different Gmail account for categorization.
- Gmail has SMS Verification protection.
- Most companies prefer dealing with Gmail.

a) Create 2 email accounts for traffic ads( advertising ) program.
b) Create 2 email accounts for payment processor.
c) Create at least 2 email accounts for affiliate service/product & team works business program.
(don't use your personal email address ,as most of the ads  site will involve a certain amount of spam .)

Payment receiver :
create your online payment processor account. payza, virtapay, LR, solidtrust. ..
The most simple way which will allow you to accept payments & purchase service worldwide .It is now quite easy to exchange money all over the world using e-currency.You can think of e-currency as Internet money. Modern technology makes money exchange fast and secure.With e-currency,  payment processor gateway offer services where customers can send money from one place to another without using cash.    

( email me if you have any question : simmunity6@gmail.com )
  Click the image to apply.

     Solid Trust pay

Note: Find your local available e-currency money changer to withdraw your money with them. ( search google, example: payza exchanger in New york )

Note:  Payza , Egopay & solidtrustpay  offers affiliate referral program,you can earn cash reward when you refer friends, family and customers. ( Don't forget to copy down your referral link after you sign up )

Step 2 :
Get your very own website just like this one coded with all of your own business referral link for each programs to generate multiple streams of income. You do not have to worry about creating and marketing a product of your own ,team works Join Venture is the Best~

Option 1 :

Build your own website with APSense. you can promote multi products & biz program in one link.
APSense is free to use, APsense have 818,8xx visitors daily!  this is Huge traffic to promote your business to APSense members if you upgrade your membership. APsense have many features to help you &
Nothing to download, everything is web based.
You can sell your Talents to the world. Whether you're a great copywriter, website designer, voice over specialist or videographer, your talents are needed.

Note: after you sign up APsense, don't rush to build your website now, you need to choose or  sign up all the Best recommended  business  programs at "Affiliate Page".  You need business referral link plug-into your website for generate multiple streams of income.
Come back here after you have finish the program sign up.
click the image below to sign up.
& keep reading the next step 3..

here are some simple guide to build your website with APSense.
( you can skip this if you already have your own website ,just choose our best recommended program & plug into your site)

1) Log in your APSense. at www.apsense.com
Note: your user name will be same name with your website. your Apsense referral link is in the "contacts" at top menu.
Note: i suggest you use Internet Explorer Web Browser to create AdSense website for more stabilized.
2) in your home page  click the Business center at the Add-ons service ( left side menu )
3) click " Start Your Business Center" in the Business center page.
4) fill in your site title. example: online business , opportunity.
5) site options ( this is the sub page for your website.) check the categories you wish to put in.

    Note: the "Recommendations"  is show "Testimonials" in your sub page.  Business Opportunities is show "Affiliate"
6) click " About Biz.( Main Page of your website " Home")  .You can copy all the words from this  page .but don't forget to put your own business referral link in the image.
7) Product & service page: ( will show at your bottom Home page  site if you checked box the "Featured" )

Icon Tools:
1) add image: get the photo image link by right click the photo in this page > choose image info > copy the location :  http://xxxxx.then go back to your business center click at any blank place that you want to input image photo > click the "Add image" icon at top > paste the URL(do not repeat the words http://) & submit. > the image will show in the place where u click> adjust the size by clicking the image.
2) insert your  personal referral link in the image :  left click the picture > click the icon "Add link" > insert your link(do not repeat the words http://) > choose open in "new window" > submit.
3) you can  change the text color or font size by  highlight your words > click the icon "change text color"/ test size.

Product & Service sub page:
1) you can add as many products as you prefer. choose from your click bank market place.
2)Title:  enter the title of your product.
3)Link :  insert your referral business link
4) Choose file : you have to save the image in your PC first > Browse to choose from where you save.
5) always click the ok button to save your works.
( email me if you have any question : imthelight99@gmail.com )

Note: after finish your website ,don't forget to check all the link by clicking each image to ensure is working correct . Open a new page with your public website name:  http://www.apsense.com/abc/YourUserName ( is shown in your business center )

Option 2  :  For Advance user.

Buid Your Website with HOSTGATOR
Since its establishment in 2002, HostGator has been a world-leading provider of web hosting service. Although our headquarters is in Houston, Texas, we provide top-notch service to clients from over 200 countries internationally with our staff of over 750 employees
Special : Have member only page, forum, blog page. Unlimited space & Bandwidth.
with video tutorial.

Step 3 :
Doing online business ,the right tools can mean the difference between being successful online or not. These tools are must haves for your online toolbox !
sign up the Recommended company below, they provide all the marketing tool you need with reasonable price.
 ( remember to read the FAQ )

Many programs offer very good service, but no one tells you how to succeed online.

The important thing is to "capture" people interested to your business ( using the autoresponder ). Nobody or very few join to your website to first or second message he received.

What is AutoResponder ?
An Autoresponder is a program that you can use to capture the name and email address of the people who visit your site. And can then be used to follow up with your visitors automatically with your early set follow-up emails.

Option 1:

Spend a little of your time to build a downline list and earn $ commissions with EuropeanSafelist.
Product: 12 Personal Autoresponder up to 15 message, Your Capture Page .
membership: $3 monthly for silver , $7 monthly for pro membership.
Income: earn monthly 1 level referral commission ( depend membership type )
Extra: Free Monthly bonus credit (depend membership type ) for banner & solo email ads to European members.
Earn credit: Every member who read SOLO Ads( advertisement )in your email  earn  credits.
Payment : paypal , payza
Note: new member must activate  2 different email .

Option 2:

Premium membership for just $5 a month.
*Your own 5 auto-responders with up to 50 sequential messages.
*Generate Lead Capture forms to put on your own websites and in emails.
Income: 3x2 forced matrix + cycler`
5 level Profit Share System ( $2 payout )
Promote OMC with Friend Invitation System + OMC Splash page.
Payment : payza ,paypal.

You need this to track your website traffic.
Products: Viral URL Cloaker,Link Tracker & Viral List Builder.
income: Force Matrix  Group 3 x 10 ( $0.50 each level),  direct referral : $5.
Entry $20 /year
Payment: Payza ,min $10 withdrawal .
Note: to track your website traffic link, click "cloaker" in the member area. and use the new "Cloaked url"
after you finish create link.

Join Adf to protect your URL(shorten)  for free
Save, search, and organize all your links from around the web. Group them into bundles. Share them with friends. If you don't  want them on your public profile, just mark them as private.
Just register for an account and start shrinking.

You get paid for every person that visits your URLs for extra income~
Note: Don't forget to shorten all your referral link to protect from hacker

5IPHON  provides you with a simple solution along with awesome support to help you build a big list fast & make money.

Put some product & service in your website..choose from ClickBank Market place:

Clickbank is reputable,and resell other people's products for a profit.,Just for providing the link to the product from your site, you will earn a generous commission every time a sale is made.( Choose from thousands of great Digital products from clickbank to promote)

Step 4 :   Plug in the money making programs into your website.
The reason for signing up a variety programs:
In order to leverage for various market needs.
b) Can generate multiple streams of income.
c) Not to place all your eggs in one basket.
d) You require more than one traffic ads site for advertising & marketing tools.

According to Google analytic,.. there are more than THOUSANDS of making money online website scattered all over the Internet nowadays~
   How do we choose from all these sites?
        Do you have the time to find all the sites which is honest?
            How do you differentiate which sites meet market needs?

You do not need to spend time finding & differentiating which sites meet market needs.

Choose the best recommended program at "Affiliate Page"
You can also add in your existing running business.

Network Marketing Business.
Why Team Works business?
You can't earn huge residual income by yourself.

2) Don't work alone, there is strength in numbers. Deliver your product or service to a group of ten people rather than just an individual so you get paid ten times an hour, not just one time an hour.

3) Your time is not exponential, & you can't make money while you're away.

Why one line Cyclers  is the BEST among the cycler  compensation plan ?

* Easy to achieve without balancing your group.
* Cyclers plan can return a huge profit with little deposit (Snowball effect)
* Cylers plan can earn your network infinity depth.
* The latest Compensation  plan: Everyone concentrate one line group to run. easy to help everyone in your network to earn.

Advice: before you sign up any program you found in the Internet,  you should check that site for scam using Google search . Example: WWW.ABC.com  scam report .
& you should check the transparent of their  products, business plan and read their FAQ before you choose to sign up.

You can also check the traffic & details at Hypestat
HypeStat is free statistics and analytic service, where you can find information about every website.

Step 5 :   Marketing..

Without Traffic, Even If You Have A Beautiful Website… You Will NEVER Make ANY Sales!

Why Marketing is Very important for any business. ? If you want to make money you need to let people know what you got!
Every single business MUST advertise.  It doesn't matter what your product or business. If you think you can build your business and create a large income WITHOUT advertising, then you WILL be very unhappy with your lack of success, and,eventually, you will fail.

BEST Recommended Marketing site

Advertise your business center website at
FaceBook , Share your link to your friends & you might gather some feedback there.
Create Business Page:
Scroll your facebook wall page down at the bottom part..
1)click the "create page " to create your business page about making money online, starting an internet business, Business center, etc.

2)Plan your title around how it will show up in a paid Facebook Ad  for later you make an ads campaign.

3)Upload  those  pictures (relate each program) to your Business page and  add some content to make your page truly something that someone will "Like". Don't forget to post your affiliate link in each picture description.

4)Install an "iFrame" app("Static iFrame Tab") for your page so that you can add URL links to the left navigation that will take people to your website. ( Do not forget to use your Lead capture splash page )

5)click the " create an Ad."
, Read carefully before you make a campaign to advertise.
Note: Don't forget to study the benefit of the program you joined,put the benefit point killer words to your Ads that someone will click "Like".
Note: use targeting for your budget~

Guide Optional 1 :  buy this ebook to show you details tips on FaceBook.   Just $4.95 

Optional 2 : Google Sniper $47

Optional 3 :

 **President Obama and the White House demand to meet This Guy..Yes, this is real and totally nuts !   Must watch!

Traffic Exchange~ All is free~
You display their code on your pages twice, and they'll display your banner once somewhere on the network.
get $15 signing bonus & Free banner maker.
Earn 5 levels commission

IS Expensive!  but ,effective!

  • Targeted Email Advertising
  • Targeted Direct Mail Lists
  • Stand Alone Email Drop
  • Sponsorship Advertising
  • Subscription Advertising Option
Free Consultation~
offer 1 level affiliate program.

Extra idea: local newspaper

Low cost & free Recommended Traffic exchange site:

More than 117,000  visitor daily~
All members get their latest email ad shown on all referral pages~
All can use personalization AND provided graphics in solo email~
All members can use WonderMailer MultiSite Super Email Blaster & provide  wonder mail~
Upgrade members can :
Sends to 8480 WonderMailer members   Sends to 11927 ListShock members 
Sends to 22933 HotSpotMailer members    Sends to 14817 ZoomMoola members

More than  604,132 members, Daily visitors more than 9,950,026!
Targeting Ads, Banner ,Text Ads, member surf 1:1.
You can message your upine & group downline.
free member can create 3 splash pages.
Earn 1 levels commission from referral purchase promo tool
Earn 5 leves ads credit.
Premium members( $7.9/month)  or 1000 hits to your site from $5.95
Payment: Paypal, Payza, Credit/Debit card.

Build your traffic & Multiply Your Traffic 8 x time
Free URL Cloaker Service
Your banner will always remain in spot #1 on your own Cash In On Banners page. And your banners will be rotated in the spot #2 on the pages of everyone who've signed up directly under you. And  they refer new members, your banner moves to spot #3 of these new members' pages. So, with the addition of new members on lower levels, your banners will move through all 6 upper spots in turn. (Upgraded members have their banners rotated also in spots #7 and #8)
One time $10 with 2 roll up infinity system.  your $10 will turn 64 times..
Payment : Paypal & Payza

Note: Don't forget to add those Traffic company into your own website after you sign up.

Step 6:
1) Keep tracking  ,changing the ads words to keep fresh once a while..& follow up someone who just sign up your program if possible. ( Use your 2nd autoresponder attach news letter you created )

Note: Don't forget to monitor your
ads campaign traffic click & also your capture splash page.

Good Luck & wish you happy watching  the money flow into your account~

Reminder :
 In the real world, you have to go to school to learn new skills, and to find a job and work very hard in order to make some money. Did you ever think things would work differently online ?

The MAIN REASON most people fail online is due to the fact that two very important elements are missing: Skills and Hard Work.

Let's say you wanted to be a doctor and earn a lot of money. Without the proper skills and knowledge, do you think you can become one and make a satisfying income ?

Or say you're only working at McDonald's for an hour, or have a little booth at the mall for a day. Can you expect to generate a 6-Figure income ?

The answer is "No"..

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