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We offer the breadth of skills and expertise to design a truly holistic customer experience for any nature of consumer-facing brand. In this omni-channel age, with countless ways in which you can engage your customers, being able to offer them a seamless experience at every touch-point is invaluable. The chances of making this happen are greatly improved if you can find all of the necessary design skills and technical expertise under one roof. At I-AM we are a team of researchers and brand strategists, interior designers, architects, retail and UX consultants, graphic designers, web and app developers, product designers and marketing strategists. We work in unison to offer your customers a truly memorable – and seamless –experience wherever they come into contact with your brand. Visit Here-

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EIB- Customer Profiling, Interior, ATM & Branch Format Design
Mar 19 2016 06:56
I AM were appointed in 2014 by Emirates Islamic Bank to remodel their branch customer experience & create a template for future expansion inculding interior design, customer profiling and segmentation