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My Camping Mall (http://www.mycampingmall.com) offers camping, hiking, tents, sleeping bags, boots, backpacks, chairs, tables, cooking stoves, lanterns, kayaks, canoes, binoculars, compass, lightweight clothing, camping supplies. Among the items offered in camping, hiking are camping tents. Some are small for single occupancy or double occupancy while others may be large including multi-rooms. When camping, one must remember to include equipment and supplies that make the campsite livable. In addition to tables, chairs, cooking stoves, lanterns, cooking supplies (eating utensils, food, water, etc.), sleeping accommodations such as cots, mattresses, sleeping bags, portable toilets, miscellaneous items (radios, binoculars, etc.) are needed.

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Camping Tents
Aug 29 2007 09:48

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