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"Are you thinking about using a debt relief company, but not sure how to find a company that is reputable, honest, trustworthy, will save you money and won't rip you off?"

There are more people than ever turning to debt relief companies today as a result of economic challenges. From debt consolidation to debt settlement, these companies offer a solution to put peace of mind back into your household's finances. With so many companies advertising on the internet, radio and TV, I want to shed some light on what is and what is not possible with debt relief.

First, it is NOT possible to save money on all types of debts. Debt relief programs work best on credit card bills and unsecured loans. If you have car loans or home loans, these should not be included in a debt relief program.

Second, it is NOT for everyone. If you have less than $5,000 in debt, it really doesn't make sense.

Third, you may only save 50-60% depending on the types of creditors you have, how delinquent the debts are, what state you live in, what type of purchases the debts were for, and your current financial situation. Yet, with that said, I've had reports from USA and Canada of savings as much as 89% on credit card debts. You will still have to pay something to the creditors, but your bill would likely be cut in half to one third of what it is right now.

Fourth, in my review of some of the debt settlement companies recommended by non-experts, some actually caused people worse financial hardship and forced them to file bankruptcy, which is the worst possible mark for a person's credit standing.

I evaluated 17 of the top debt relief companies based on the following criteria:

  • Reputable and organized staff.
  • Written guarantee for overall savings.
  • Affordable for the average person.
  • Secure website.
  • Large amount of savings.
  • Work with 99% of creditors, and especially the tougher creditors like Citibank.
  • Has successfully reduced millions of dollars of consumer and small business debt.
  • Fastest completion times.
  • Helps protect your credit standing.
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce in good standing.
  • Member of TASC - The Association Of Settlement Companies.
  • Member of IAPDA - International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.
  • Customer satisfaction response times.
  • You get to speak with your debt negotiator whenever you want.
  • Flexible program based on what you have available on a monthly basis.

Knowledge is power, and even if you are not an expert in debt relief, I believe you can save money!


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