About our Business

I started in 1996. Owned a tax service business. Built a number of websites including AchieveUSA.com, published ezines including "Today's Network Marketer," published articles including "How to Market on the Internet for Free" and "Tax Saving Tips for the Self-Employed."

Major surgery put me out of business. After two years, my residual checks from my online businesses ended. So it was time to get back into business.

Starting over is not so bad. I love the fun and challenge. But here is the best part, it is not hard. It's simple when you have a plan!

I thought I would restart my business by getting my old domain back, AchieveUSA.com. Went to GoDaddy.com to check availability. Asking price is $26,200.00!! For my old domain name! Took a pass.

It's a simple fact that most people starting a small business do not have the money to start expensive internet advertising campaigns to promote their businesses. Fortunately for us, there are a variety of free or low-cost alternatives in the form of traffic exchanges, classified ad sites, affiliate programs, safelists, social networking programs and sites, banner exchanges, web rings, blogs and so much more.

Why Am I Doing This?

Well I will skip the usual babble about having gone crazy, or my wife crying because of it, or my accountant losing sleep etc. We are all insiders here and you know very well I have not lost my mind to be giving my work away for free. It's practical business sense. The Internet is not as impersonal as it used to be. There's lots of social networking going on, sharing of ideas. Besides I had help starting out, lots of it. This is my way of sharing.

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