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The Grand Retirement Plan was created to help people that are working online to make a supplemental income. It was not created for the owners to make money from others. While the Members have an opportunity to make money through referrals (Paid as much as 40% per referral)the real heart of this program is to teach ( on our part) and to Learn (on the members part) There are new people from all ages and all walks of life starting online marketing and have no idea of what to do or how to do it. Many lose hundreds, if not thousands in trying so called "Get Rich Schemes". The Grand Retirement Plan is NOT a Get Rich Scheme! It is an honest, low cost (one time fee) system to train you. Even if you have been online for some time, you can profit by the free giveaways as well as the newest information that comes about.

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Dan, some friends and I have spent the summer working together on a membership site for training our F5M-MC partners. It was a very exciting summer and working with Dan is an inspiration! Dan is dedicated to helping members build an income for life! Thanks, Dan! For everything you do!
 - kats September 24th, 2010

Dan is a joy to work with! If you need help with your marketing, Dan is you man! Dan and a few of our closest internet friends have put together a training site for those who need some help learning to market their business! Working with Dan has been a pleasure!
 - kats September 3rd, 2010


Dan Gallagher
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile


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A Great Place to be to Learn for Senior Citizens as well as the you entrepreneurs just starting out. Learn the "RIGHT" way.