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Bob's Wellness Center

Welcome, my name is Bob Cater and I am excited to be involved in the Health and Wellness industry.

I own and operate 
Get Fit Now - Personal Fitness Training where my focus is on helping you make healthy, lasting lifestyle choices, and providing you with the expertise and guidance to reach your health and fitness goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.

I am a Personal Training Specialist and a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer.  With a special interest in Endurance Sports - I also hold Certification as an Endurance Sports Trainer and a Fitness Nutrition Coach. I find enjoyment in helping others achieve their goals, by empowering them to reach for, and achieve goals they thought were beyond their grasp.

I am an Associate and Business Builder with
Max International, and this association is a perfect fit. Our clinically proven breakthrough products are improving the quality of life for my clients and their families every day.

My business interests also include being involved with Stemtech Health Sciences as an Independent Distributor, bringing to you a group of scientifically proven products and a unique business opportunity. 

Whatever your goals are in life, whether they are related to health, career, or family ... with continued hard work and a positive attitude, the possibilities are endless!

I look forward to talking with you soon.

Yours in good health,

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Keep health is one of the most important matter, Bob you have a great career!
 - cheerfred May 20th, 2011