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Oct 24 2010 05:42
Earn Incredible Commissions per lead.....$1-$3 for Clickbank ProductsAs every affiliate knows, promoting ClickBank products every day can be a challenge. When you promote products on a traditional revenue share basis (getting paid a percentage of the sale price as a commission) you never know what number of sales you will be doing and therefore how much you will earn on any given day. Some days you will be selling a lot and other days will leave you with nothing more than a whole lot of wasted clicks... CBleads will put a stop to this insecurity (insanity?) once and for all. With CBleads you can continue promoting the same ClickBank products as before but now with the added peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will be paid an (extra) commission for every lead your generate. What I'm talking about here is no more wasted clicks and no more wasted effort. You will get paid for as little as a simple email or name submission. What is more, from your CBleads account, you have access to real time reporting and superb analytics to monitor and analyze all your earnings and commissions. In summary...why CBLeads? Highest converting and paying lead offers in the industryPromote trusted ClickBank products just as before, but now you will make more money! Bi-weekly payouts by PayPal or wire on fixed dates! Sign up for an account now Start earning amazing easy commissions and add a superb revenue stream to your online income in an instant.

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