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Well, I've been a Fashion Designer and Engineer since 1990 when spandex came out.
Before the internet and CAD, when most every thing was still made in the USA and everyone had a job..
But today it's all about the internet, and frankly it sucks... Cause people hide the truth and lie 98% of the time in emails and text messages..
I'm all about old school, and I do everything by hand... OUTSOURCING has ruined this country and has forced so many good people into fields they would have never gotten into if outsourcing hadn't taken over everything.
I am a pattern maker for the garment industry, and I love that work... I make all my patterns by hand and my work is impeccable, but it takes time and no one will pay for that time, cause they can go to china and pay 90 cents and have it all done on the computer in 8 hours and then have it all sewen up for 9 cents a piece.. It's crazy.  And I'm not one of those people.. I'm a real american... Unlike some many third world people that come over to my country and want to live here, but they don't want to be American... To me that is an insult and I don't support any of it..

My business is in my basement.  I don't need you... I am independently wealthy by selling ads on cell phones... I make a fortune .....

I'm on this site cause I want to meet the woman of my dreams and build an empire with her..

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