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Dave Cottrell
Gibsons, Canada
A risk taker who is willing to take ideas outside the box and invest and expand on those unnoticed opportunities. View Profile

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Learn How to Succeed with Dave Cottrell and HelloHello.Net
Jan 6 2010 16:10
HelloHello.Net is UNLIKE any other business you have encountered online, and to really grasp what HelloHello.Net offers, it requires your time to RETHINK what a successful business is and how you can build a solid business that will last for YEARS! HelloHello.Net is a platform to improve your future. HelloHello.Net's  Business Centers, built on the world famous and award winning Wordpress platform, are Champions of quality presentation and resources for building businesses and showcasing professional talent and services.HelloHello.Net social networking offers unique opportunities for training, learning and mentoring via free training and opportunity calls, our unique toolbar, regular updates directly from the owners, our very popular wall, member groups, and personal, one on one mentoring, including:* No BS Business Training and Insights * Timeless and Forward Looking Content * Proven Resources, Tools, and Strategies * Personal Contact with REAL People is the Norm * A Knowledge Base of 1000s of Members Makes HelloHello.Net Unique!Join with me for an exciting social experience and take advantage of the many opportunities available when you upgrade to Premium or Ambassador membership!

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