Sep 12 2013 07:18
1. Team Bonus 2X2 Matrix 200% 2. Global Bonus 2X2 Matrix 100% 3. Readership Bonus. 2X15 Matrix 1% 4. Manager Bonus. 5% 5. Sucess Bonus. 2X20 Matrix 5% When a team board is completed, At Star 1 team board, $100 At Star 2 team board, $200 At Star 3 team board, $400 At Star 4 team board, $1000 At Star 5 team board, $2000 will be paid. When a global board is completed, At 1 Star global board, $50 At 2 Star global board, $100 At 3 Star global board, $200 At 4 Star global board, $500 At 5 Star global board, $1000 will be paid.

Sep 12 2013 04:06
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