Feb 11 2011 11:28
This is  a very good surf site. Get paid to surf. Make a lot of point so they convert to money at the beginning of every month. get bonus points from the surf banner bar. You can make from 1 to 1000 points daily. Not just 1 time a day but many times. As long as you see the bonus banner they you will get bonus. Also they have 2 games you can play daily. Wheelsurf and bingosurf. you get 2 free credits to play wheelsurf every 24 hours and 1 free credit for bingosurf every 24 hours. And they have clicks for even more points. You earn 10% from your referrals. And you even get points for when people click your banners and links from 20$2surf. So you if you into making money take a look at the site and see if it tickles your fancy.

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