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Dec 30 2010 14:49
Wow if you dont have this ,hurry. Before you forget or lose all your sign in information, usernames, passwords etc you need to get this program, it is a MUST HAVE. Once you are in full swing it is virtually impossible to remeber all this data and what is fantastic you can backup the system to their site ,you actually sync your computer so if ever you lose your computer its no train smash.

Depending on the version you purchase, you can have multiple users each one not being able to access the others data. So your children cannot access your data especially banking detail. You also use it to fill out forms, you fill in all your information and when you arrive at a form that needs filling in you use that function. It is a pleasure to use , it makes boring tasks that are a necessity  a breeze.

Here the support is also excellent .Tutorials are easy to understand and using it is actually simple. When you sign in for the first time is the crucial part making sure that the program gets the correct information, it is all automatic so as we all know when signing up you always enter more data than is necessary for the actual login process. This is the part thats crucial.

 I have a blog on this subject and you can click on the word blog and it will take you there for more detailed information.
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