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Shenzhen Cleanmo Technology Co., Ltd. and Cleanmo International ( HK ) Co., Limited have been actively engaged in the manufacture of Cleanroom, Esd Consumables, Static Control Products and Industrial and Hospital Consumables. Our products are used in the electronics, semiconductors, Hard disk drives, Optics-electronics, TFT-LCD, IC, SMT and PCB and medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and biotech industries. Tel: +86 755-29455975 Fax: +86 755-61605135 Contact: Mr Allen Website: Email:

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Card Reader Cleaning Card CR80
Nov 4 2013 03:31

1.CR80 Card Reader Cleaning card 
2.Excellent cleaning affect, absorbency 
3.Factory direct price 

CR80 Card Reader Cleaning Card
  This Presaturated Cleaning Card is designed to safely and effectively remove all dirt, magnetic oxides, oils, lotions, and other contaminants from all types of concealed magnetic, photo and optic sensors on all types of reader mechanisms.
   Card Readers require preventative maintenance for keeping the Magnetic Heads clean and debris free from contamination build up. Pre-saturated Cleaning cards are a cost effective way to maintain your card readers and increase the service life of the magnetic heads
Cleaning card Selling Point :
1. Our material is Blend cellulose polyester spunlace, not 100%polyester
2. Extremely absorbent, It is higher than 100% polyester
3. Volatile time is longer, It is good for cleaning.
4. Our packing is aluminum foil, It is good for storage
Typical Applications
All Card Readers
ATM/POS Terminals
ID Printer
Petroleum Pump
Slot/Vending Machine
1. Card Material :        Spunlace/Plastic Core/Spunlace
2. Card Dimension :    2.1 X 3.345 X 0.028  (in Inches) Tolerance +/- 0.002
                                         54 X 85 X 0.711  (in mm) Tolerance +/- 0.051mm
3. Corner Radius :       4 Sides.
4. Paper Pouch Size : 83 X 114  (in mm)
5. Solution Content :   99.9% IPA
6. IPA Volume :           1.0 +/- 0.25 ml