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Shenzhen Cleanmo Technology Co., Ltd. and Cleanmo International ( HK ) Co., Limited have been actively engaged in the manufacture of Cleanroom, Esd Consumables, Static Control Products and Industrial and Hospital Consumables. Our products are used in the electronics, semiconductors, Hard disk drives, Optics-electronics, TFT-LCD, IC, SMT and PCB and medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and biotech industries. Tel: +86 755-29455975 Fax: +86 755-61605135 Contact: Mr Allen Website: Email:

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Foam Swabs 757
Nov 4 2013 01:20
Cleanmo Cleanroom CM-FS757 good substitute for ITW texwipes 757B/E with excellent quality and reasonable price. It constructed from compressed 100ppi open-cell polyurethane foam
The Micro ESD Swab is an excellent dissipative swab for cleaning very small areas. Its laundered head possesses good capacity and cushioning. A compact,electrically dissipative, round handle and flexible head paddle provide support without added thickness. This swab is well suited for cleaning thin, grooved areas of parts and assemblies.
The handle is made from a Stat-Rite  polymer alloy using a patented Inherently Dissipative Polymer (IDP) to provide clean, permanent ESD protection without contributing particulate contaminates to the cleanroom.
-Laundered polyurethane head over thin, flexible paddle
-100 ppi open-cell structure
-Compact, ESD-safe Transplex  handle
-Thermally bonded head
-Soft and nonabrasive
-Low nonvolatile residue
-Low particle generation
-Excellent sorbency
-No contaminating adhesives
-ESD control without contaminating carbon or metal loading
-No blooming ionic antistats
-No contaminating coatings
-Humidity-independent ESD control for consistent performance
-Safely dissipates charges in under two seconds when used with a solvent such as IPA
-Magneto-resistive (MR) head manufacturing and assembly
-Cleaning with solvents such as IPA
-Applying lubricants and other liquids
-Removing excess materials