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Rob aka Cerberus
InterNETional, Hungary
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  • Self Improvement
  • Marketing
  • Internet & eBusiness
  • Business
  • Affiliate Marketing

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I firmly believe that
"All the knowledge and wealth we may gain in a lifetime are just worthless if we do not use them to make this Planet be a much better place for all living beings!"

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Rob aka Cerberus is in defendant affiliate marketer and very good person.
 - suhassajgure February 17th, 2015

Dear Rob, As you are an Entrepreneur, this will be nice to hear from you and share my views on the different aspects.
 - nkchaudhary November 16th, 2014

Wooo Hooo Rob is an Awesome Leader!~ Be sure to connect with him if you have any questions or concerns.. Chery :))
 - cheryschmidt July 6th, 2014

Rob is one of the earliest members of APSense. He has lots of knowledge and experience and is always supportive
 - jabba June 8th, 2014

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 - scorpionbd72 March 5th, 2014

Rob is a good man to have around APSense as he is always answering questions and helping people out whenever he can. He is always working hard to achieve his dreams
 - josh63 February 14th, 2014

can't do better than Rob and what He promotes :) go Ahead and Give it a Try, you Shouldn't be Disappointed
 - zecritr January 26th, 2014

Great Surfer,Great Guy been working around With for years now Great Experience highly Recommend Rob he knows what he is doing :)
 - zecritr January 12th, 2014

Rob is a great man and i am so proud beang his friend. You rock Rob thank you for the all support and help.
 - simeon2011 December 24th, 2013

I think having used this social media for some time that the response so far have been wonderful
 - anwarasistrans December 4th, 2013

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