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DS Backup Gold Support 3DS, NDSi and NDSL original cards
Sep 3 2012 01:18
SKU:DS Backup Gold
Weight:0.20 LBS
Warranty:100% tested and workable

Product Description

-Support 3DS, NDSi and NDSL original cards.

-Support game savers backup from 3DS?NDSi and NDSL original cards to PC.

-Support restoring game savers backup to 3DS?NDSi and NDSL original cards.

-Support games backup from NDS original cards to PC.

-Adopt high-speed USB port.

-Support mainstream operating system. such as WIN XP and WIN 7.

-Convenient upgrade method without having to press any key, you can use the software directly to upgrade the firmware of DS BACKUP GOLD.

-High-capacity code space is reserved to prepare the upgrade for games’ backup of 3DS cards.


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