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Microwave Bottled Food Sterilizing Machine
Jul 22 2013 20:02
Microwave Sterilization Machine Introduction
Azeus is China leading manufacturer of microwave sterilizing equipment, we are expert in machine design, manufacturing and installation. Let me give you an illustration of microwave sterilization working theory: under the action of microwave energy, materials temperature rises up. The living environment of the insects and bacteria in materials will be damaged which can realize the sterilization purpose. Our microwave sterilizing equipment for bottled food are highly outstanding for its sterilization speed and high automation. This machine is of advanced design, you can set temperature and observe the working process conveniently.

Microwave Sterilizing Equipment Application
? Suitable food: canned fruit sterilization, dairy product sterilization, bottled drinks sterilization, canned vegetables sterilization, mushroom sauce sterilization ,bean paste sterilization, cooking wine sterilization, vacuum packaged snack sterilization etc.
? Applied industry: canned food factory, bottled beverage processing plant, bean paste processing industry.

? Fast heating speed. Unlike traditional heating method, microwave sterilization heat is transferred from material inside to surface, that is to say, during the sterilizing process, the material itself reaches a relatively high temperature, which maximally shorten working time. Due to a short heating time, food nutrition will not be damaged.
? Low sterilization temperature. Temperature for traditional sterilization is 121 ?, while for microwave sterilization, the temperature is only 70--105 ?. So microwave technology makes the food fully keep the original flavor.
? Delicate design, high automation and environmental protection. 

Why Choose Microwave Sterilization Machine For Bottled Food
? This machine is specially designed for bottled food sterilization, solving the problem of bottle expansion when heated.
? The whole machine is made of stainless steel, easy to clean and maintain.
? Adopt non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology: multi-point temperature measurement, high precision and automatic temperature control. 
? PLC control system, which can realize the function of data storage, output and print.
? Automatically Turn on/off, making the material move/stop synchronously with the machine.