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Microwave Protein Powder Drying Equipment
Jul 22 2013 19:57
Microwave Protein Powder Drying Equipment Introduction
Microwave beans/protein powder drying machine is professional equipment for drying or dehydrating bean products by microwave. This microwave drying machinery for bean products can be used for processing many kinds of bean products including whey protein, plant protein powder, organic protein powder, drawing protein, starch etc. This microwave equipment is good investment for mass production of high value protein power, one time investment, remarkable profits.

Azeus Microwave Drying Equipment for Beans/Protein Powder Applications
Microwave bean products drying equipment is mainly suitable for all kinds of beans such as: soya bean/black soya bean/pea/mung bean.
Ideal drying equipment for various protein powder: albumen powder/drawing protein/bean curd/soybean paste/bean flour/whey protein/leucine/.

1. According to bean products features which includes high protein, high moisture content, we customize microwave drying equipment for bean products specially which can fully keep nutrition value and remove moisture content efficiently.
2. The whole microwave drying equipment for bean products is made of high quality stainless steel, elegant appearance, fine workmanship and easy to clean and maintain.
3. Adopt non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology - multipoint temperature measurement, high accuracy and automatic control.
4. Using special suction wet device to make moisture rapidly overflowing, thus improving the working efficiency for drying.
5. Human-machine operation and PLC automatic control system can realize the function of data storage, output and printing.
6. Automatically turn-on or turn-off.
7. The value of Microwave leakage is less than 1mW/cm2 (the national standard is less than 1mW/cm2 )

Azeus microwave bean products dehydrator Working Principle
When the microwave dryer is working, microwave generator produce microwave and the material is sent into heater by transmission system. At this time, the moisture is evaporated under the effect of microwave energy. Vapour is removed by suction wet system to reach the purpose of microwave drying. Bacterium in the materials was killed by biological effect and heat effect which produces under the influence of electromagnetic field in the microwave. Because the microwave can directly heat the beans or protein powder, so the drying temperature is lower and speed is faster.