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Microwave Dates Drying Equipment
Jul 21 2013 20:29
Microwave Dates Drying/Sterilization Equipment Introduction 
Microwave Dates Drying Sterilization Equipment is ideal equipment for drying and sterilization of dates. Uniform drying, stepless power and speed ensure final products is of good quality and rich nutrition. Itís a reliable equipment with advanced technics.

Wide Application of Microwave Dates Drying Equipment 
Drying and sterilization for various dates products, such as jun jujube, Hami dates, medicinal dates, jujube paste, dry dates, dates slices, etc. Specialized in further drying and sterilizing of jujube products factory, jujube slices production enterprises, dates planting farms, etc.

As we all know, dates have high vitamin content which is good for our health. Eating dates can help enhance human immunity and inhibit the cancer cell, so more and more people regard dates as a food for health care and widely use in their diet. Here we can see the promising potential market of dates and related further processing industry. As for large-scale dates planting farms, the effective storage is a problem to be solved because there are certain amount of water attached to the surface of the mature jujubes, so itís necessary to take drying treatment. However, conventional thermal treatments often result in considerable changes in the quality of the food, donít be anxious, our microwave drying sterilization equipment can help you make complete drying and sterilization processing, meanwhile the dried products will possess bright color, nice appearance and good quality also convenient for storage.

Main Markets for Dates in The EU
France is the leading market for dates in the EU. Its main suppliers are Tunisia and Algeria, which account for over 85 percent of its date imports.
The United Kingdom is the second largest EU market for dates and consumes large quantities of common dates.
Italy is the third largest EU market for dates together with Germany.
With imports at 5 300 tonnes, Spain is the fifth largest date market in Europe.
Tunisia with a market share of 48 percent and Algeria with 20 percent are the EUís main suppliers