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Microwave Chemical Material Drying Equipment
Jul 19 2013 20:09
Microwave Chemical Powder Drying Equipment Introduction 
We provide three kinds of microwave drying equipment for chemical material drying. Continuous type microwave drying equipment, box type microwave drying machine and vacuum type microwave drying equipment. Microwave drying method is different from traditional drying, the microwave can directly act on the water molecules, thus creating an efficient drying result

Azeus Microwave Chemical Materials Drying Machine Applications 
The three kinds of Microwave Chemical Materials Drying Machines are suitable for different materials and their application scopes are also different. 
1. Some materials are suit for continuous type and case type, such as: zirconium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, nanometer silicon dioxide, kyanite, cryolite, calcium carbonate, ammonium molybdate, lithium carbonate, lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium hydroxide, nickel hydroxide, carbonate, sulfate, stearic acid, salt, iron oxide, inorganic chemical products; phenylalanine, amino phenol, vitamin, benzene two formic acid, pigment and other organic, fine chemical products, chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates; battery materials, glass fiber, plastic particles, molecular sieve, molybdenum powder, olivine, rare earth mineral, etc. 
2. Continuous type microwave chemical materials drying equipment is also suit for: rubber additives, rubber vulcanization, catalyst, molybdenum powder, molybdenum powder, etc. 
3. Vacuum type microwave chemical materials drying machine is mainly used for extraction, drying, carbonization, distillation, redox reaction of chemical material.