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Tastebud Delights started out of a desire to go back to basics for me. My first job was as a Junior chef. I loved the interaction of working with the waitresses, the ability to create something from basic ingredients that brought pleasure to others.

I also enjoy network marketing and by combining the two, I get to enjoy being creative while making money in the process.

Tastebuddelights has taken on a life of it's own without me actually planning it in the beginning. Advertising opportunities have opened up for all who participate in the project. I am constantly building new products and at present, I have a few projects under way that will also allow advertising to take place.

What is available to you now?

At present, anyone who joins up with the forum, gets to add a one liner advert and their website link after each recipe they donate. By making each recipe a news article, they get to add their recipes to the rss system which will then open doors to numerous websites and Web2 sites that are displaying the rss feed at present. This is a door thats wide open to you and theirs over 1500 people that will get access at this point in time in the various sites.

The next opportunity you have to advertise is the Link Exchange. Follow the links from the main site.

The third opportunity for you is our social network site. Go to http://tastebuddelights.ning.com/. You get a page where you can do what ever you want as long as it is related to food and the kitchen. Place none kitchen related links after each article you write with a one liner advert.  Once again, there is a rss feed coming off of social network into other sites so you will be viewed.

I have three more products in the process of being completed that I am excited about.

Book mark this page in order to keep up to date with whats available to you.

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Aug 2 2007 05:25

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Long time practising! Have had contact for many years!
 - gifting September 10th, 2014

A person Educated who knows where to get knowledge when needed, and how to Organize that Knowledge into definite plans of action.
 - godisalive March 1st, 2014

Anthony has been an internet friend since about 2007 (?), he is a great chef from South Africa! I have always liked his recipes and recommendations. Join him here at Apsense if you are interested in Food, he is a good friend, you will not regret it.
 - heipet October 12th, 2012

I've known Anthony as an online connection for several years now & endorse Anthony and his recommendations to you. :) Cheers, Thea
 - forwardsteps May 20th, 2012

I been following Anthony Vieira for some time already I found him to be diligent on what he does and always eager to help others
 - heliotavares April 26th, 2012


Anthony Vieira Da Cruz
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
A risk taker who is willing to take ideas outside the box and invest and expand on those unnoticed opportunities. View Profile


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