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As  a Licensed Massage Therapist I offer product that I use and can share with my client without draining my bank account nor my clients. And the best part about it they can make a little extra money by helping me share my products. ~Team Work Makes The Dream Work~ Simple Duplication Creates Wealth

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Organo Gold - Gourmet Coffee & Tea
Sep 13 2012 12:03

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Hi to all and have a nice day Anginetta W. hard worker & great woman.
 - mediaboxstore October 6th, 2016

Ms Anng, you are a true professional, and I admire your passion and drive for making your dreams work.
 - luv2save November 10th, 2010

Hi Anginetta, I love your 'About Me' section of your homepage most. I love your determination to succeed above all odds. That's the spirit of overcomers. I am glad to have known you through APSense. Do have a lovely day.
 - bronnamdi September 18th, 2010

Glad to meet you - hows it going, trying to further the relationship. blessings skype - goentskype
 - cruzn September 6th, 2010


Anginetta W.
St. Louis, United States
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