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Oct 7 2008 16:27

Hi All my friends, read this, it's radical.

About 50 years ago, a new POWERFUL FORMULA promising to change the financial status of anyone who applied it, was developed. It was a new kind of structured word-of-mouth marketing that remunerated marketers on more than one level. Provided that successful marketing actions could be passed from level to level -- called DUPLICATION -- the formula worked very well. Many people applied it to become millionaires...

But vastly more people failed because they COULDN'T DUPLICATE successful marketing actions. And the problem has become more severe because there are now thousands of companies trying to work variations of the basic formula.
Sadly, the formula has failed for more than 95% of the people attracted by it.

And this has been going on for 50 years! ...With arguably the greatest money-making formula ever invented!

What makes it even worse is that the 95%+ failure rate reaches across all companies, all compensation plans, and all products. (The "superstar" recruiters who earn the megabucks constitute the 1-2% success rate.)


What if there was a way to bring the POWER of the original formula back to life?
A new system so sophisticated that, as soon you unroll, you're positioned for success!

What could be better?

A groundbreaking, innovative, landmark system that makes it much easier for EVERYONE to DUPLICATE and succeed!

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I trust this will help one and all.